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"Volunteer, it does wonders for the soul"

President's Introduction to the New Voice Club 
of the Niagara Frontier

On behalf of our membership, many thanks to all of the people and organizations that donate time, money and effort to our Club so we may continue to be a leading support group for all cancer patients, caregivers, and in particular Laryngectomee survivors. "You are not alone"

President Carl DePalma

The New voice Club is a support group and is graciously sponsored in part by the American Cancer Society. To them we are very grateful for that.

Our Voice Club is a very active club and we have a committee that travels to area schools to teach the children the perils of bad habits such as smoking.

There have been thousands of children in the Niagara Frontier area that have been taught first hand by our members about these perils. We have several activities throughout the year such as our Summer family picnic and our annual Christmas party.... Our meetings are always filled with information and things to do.

As President of the New Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier, I would like to invite everyone to attend any meeting we have so you can meet our members. Our members are encouraged to attend and bring a friend or family members. We assemble so that other cancer victims and caregivers can feel free to discuss their tragedy and to help others. We have found that working as a group and discussing these things, we help one-another.

If you, or you have someone special that is going to have, or had, a recent throat or neck operation of some kind, we are a support group and you are encouraged to gather all the information you can so you or your loved one can understand what has happened to your body and how you can better cope with it. Our meetings have brochures and other materials for you to read and take home.

Many Thanks to all of the people and organizations that donate time, money and effort to our Club!

Carl DePalma, President 


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Go here for information on the "Greatest Picnic Ever Held!" An annual Club event


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Proudly show the "Champion of the Year" Award given out by the
Tobacco Free Coalition and recently won by our New Voice Club


"We Have Fun When We Meet"